I’ve always taken a journalistic approach to wedding photography.  I find as much beauty in documenting the tiny details as I do capturing the ‘big picture’. To me - the fleeting glance, the teary eye, the tender touch in the small of your back is just as EPIC as the first kiss or the exchange of rings .

I want to tell your unique love story, your way.


I shoot in a very calm and relaxed, yet spontaneous manner.  I’m always looking for the next precious candid moment to capture, blending in with your guests and documenting the people and moments that are most important to you. 

You’ll never find me ‘getting all up in your face’ - you’re more likely to not even notice me there a lot of the time!  I just want you to relax and enjoy your day.  Let me capture the scene: the joy, the tears and the laughter whilst you are living it.  I want you to soak up every dazzling joyous moment - uninterrupted.  

One thing all of my couples say is that working with me felt like having a ‘mate’ photograph their wedding.  I remember your gran’s name, I remember that your niece is super-shy and I take into account that your mom hates having her picture taken. I shape my working practice with everyone’s needs in mind. As long as you’re happy - I’m happy!


Working with me is simple! I’ll put you at ease right away.  I take my lead from you - I’ll never ask you to do anything that make makes you feel uncomfortable. Your comfort zone is my comfort zone! I myself have a real phobia of ‘posing’ in front of the camera - I am so awkward!  I think this is where my style-aversion to the ‘cheesy’, ‘tacky’ and ‘forced’ comes from.  If I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it - I’m certainly not going to expect you to do it!  We’ll just have fun and you won’t even notice when I’m subtly guiding you into poses. 


I’m not a big fan of trying to cram in masses of group-shots into your day (as you can see from my portfolio).  Sure - we all want some special group photographs - but reeling off a long list of names and organising countless groupings only serves to ‘eat-up’ precious time on your special day. Trust me!  Everyone says their wedding day goes by in a flash… so I don’t want you to be standing around for hours ‘herding cats’! I want you to LIVE your day! I want you be in the moment, enjoying your guests and soaking up every glorious second! 

The group shots we do take will be informal, relaxed, fun and personal to you! I always recommend that we take no more than 20 mins max. This way - it’s a pleasure and not a chore!


There will only be one point in the day where I will take you both away for your portraits, your ‘tender’ shots.  This will be 30 mins max and is often one of the only times in the day where you can both step away, just the two of you to breathe it all in… and enjoy the calm. Bask in it! It’s your time to feel well and truly ‘smug’!  You deserve it!


I still get nervous with excitement before every single wedding!  I truly cannot wait to get home and pour over every single frame I’ve shot - knowing how precious they will be to my couples, their loved ones and future generations to come.

I believe that every couple deserves to have a photographer that strives to go ‘above and beyond’ and create an experience solely for them. This is exactly what I do: every. single. time.


If you’re looking for staged, posed, mega-photoshopped images - then I’m definitely not the girl for you!  If you want a photographer who prides themselves in capturing the honest, the raw, the real… and sees beauty in capturing the moment just as it is - then LET'S TALK!