I’ve been obsessed with photography ever since I was a kid.  I vividly remember staying at my Gran’s bungalow every week and pouring over her photo-albums time and time again: It was my weekly ritual. These albums were like treasure to me - they were the starting point of my love for documentary photography: the snapshot, the archive, the legacy.

I was about 10 years old when I was gifted my first ever camera. It was a family holiday and my Mother presented me with a little ‘point-and-shoot’ film camera… from that moment on - I have been driven by a desire to document everything, all of it.


“Photograph the world as it is, nothing’s more interesting than reality”

- Mary Ellen Mark.

I shot my first wedding at the age of 21 (on 35mm film!) - whilst at university studying photography. I completed my degree with a first class honours in 2007 and spent the coming years building my wedding portfolio: honing my skills, style and confidence and learning how to run a business.  

During this time I took on many varied freelance commissions and had work printed in publications such as: The Guardian, Metro, LOOK and NOW magazine, Vintage Life, Drapers and Your West Midlands Wedding magazine. I worked with museums, universities, musicians, designers and was also lucky enough to have exhibited at the Brighton Fringe Festival and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. 


Over more recent years, alongside growing my wedding business: I spent 3 years lecturing photography at a university centre, ran workshops and also had the incredible opportunity to work on feature film ‘The Limehouse Golem’ which was shown in cinemas nationwide (and now on Netflix). 

Shooting weddings over all these years, alongside varied freelance work - has helped to shape me into the confident, creative and sensitive photographer I am today.

Since 2012 - I’ve had the genuine pleasure of making my sole living from photography. I really do consider myself to be so lucky and have never taken a second of it for granted!  


I live with my incredible husband Andy in the Midlands - which means I’m perfectly placed to shoot weddings all over the UK and beyond! From the House of Lords, to a windy Scottish beach, to the Italian countryside, or even your local boozer! I truly love documenting them all: in all their glorious uniqueness! Whether it’s a 20 person ceremony in your garden or a 250 guest celebration in a medieval castle…my goal is the same: to document the real, true moments.



If you’ve looked through my images and thought: “Yes! These are exactly the style of photographs we want” - then please don’t be shy… I'd love to hear from you!



10 (non-photography) facts about me:


I believe kindness is key. Kindness costs nothing, yet it’s the most valuable currency we possess. JUST BE KIND.

Love is love is LOVE -  in all it’s beautiful, unique forms.  Love knows no bounds: and I will forever be proudly tied to the belief that LOVE IS ALL and FOR ALL.  Love has no regard for our sexuality, the colour of our skin, the shape of our body or the ability of our mind.  Everyone deserves to love and be loved by whoever THEY choose… and should be able to do so without judgement or prejudice.

Marmite: I have a VERY intense and complicated relationship with Marmite.

There is nothing better than the feeling of writing with an ink-pen.

I pronounce the word: Jalapeño:  “Yalla-peee-noe”. I can’t help it. It’s an ongoing issue.

My Gran was my best friend.

I’m a very strong swimmer.

I’m an obsessive list-maker. I make lists within lists.

I feel most at home by the ocean.. or even better: in it! She calms me an invigorates me all at the same time. I feel truly alive when I can see, touch or even just smell the sea.

 BREAD!! My favourite food… maybe even my favourite ‘thing’, ever! In my opinion: the most versatile substrate on the planet! Bread is the platform upon which many a great thing stands! 









Photographs by: Lewis Godridge, Joe Skinner & David Fearn